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Commercial Kitchen Equipment to Consider for your Starter Restaurant

Starting your very own restaurant can be exciting and stressful, from picking the right location and employees to purchasing the right kitchen equipment.

When starting a restaurant, you want quality kitchen equipment from Southwest Restaurant Equipment. Here are some basic commercial kitchen equipment that you will likely need.

Basic Commercial Kitchen Equipment

These are the basic commercial equipment you will likely need for your kitchen: A gas range, a refrigerator and freezer, ice machine, and prep station. Additionally, you may need to consider bar equipment, specialty cooking equipment, deep fryer, hot food table, and others.


If you’ll be serving hot food, your range will be the heart of your kitchen. Will you want gas or electric? Gas is economical and best for frying, simmering, and consistency. Electric can be less fastidious and you have the option of induction or convection cooking. Consider the amount of space you have for the range and make sure you install proper ventilation.

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You will need a good fridge and freezer. Purchase a solid door reach-in refrigerator and freezer for durability. They come in one, two, or three sections, so make sure you know the capacity you’ll need for fresh foods and frozen foods.

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Ice Makers

There are several different ice-makers to consider. Will you need one with a soda combination? One for a bar area or do you just need an ice bin? Or for the kitchen area? Do you want it to make cubes, flakes, or nuggets?

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Prep Station

What kind of prep station will you need? First, think about the types of food you will be prepping and how much room you will need to prepare these items. Do you need a prep cabinet or will a table work?

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Investing in Top of the Line Kitchen Equipment

Your top purchases and places to invest money will definitely be the stove, fridge, and freezer. Specialty cooking equipment varies from restaurant to restaurant depending on your cooking style. If you need help deciding what additional equipment you will need reach out to Southwest Restaurant Equipment at 817-633-3888.


By Leslie Radford
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