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Practical Deep Fryer Safety Tips For Commercial Kitchens

Safety should be the number one rule in a commercial kitchen. Here are some tips on keeping safe when operating a commercial-grade deep fryer:

Deep Fryer Safety Tips

Tip #1 – Only Use Proper Accessories to Add and Remove Food from Oil.

Using the proper accessories is important when it comes to safety. Metal commercial-grade fryer baskets are designed to use specifically with your deep fryer and should be slowly lowered into the oil.

Tip #2 – Thaw Food Properly before Frying.

Ice and hot oil are never a good combination. Once the coolness of frozen food hits the hot oil, it splatters. It is important to thaw food according to cooking directions before deep frying. Overfilling the baskets can also cause additional splashing.

Tip #3 – Keep Area around Fryer Clean.

Put non-slip mats with holes in front of the fryers in case oil escapes the fryer baskets during their removal from the deep fryer.  It is also a good idea to never store things above or around the fryer to prevent them from falling inside.

Tip #4 – Keep Plastic Away from Fryer.

Many foods that need to be deep-fried typically come in plastic bags. Keep the plastic up and away from the heat to prevent contaminating the oil. Also, use steel equipment to change the oil. Never use plastic buckets, spatulas, lids, or other corrosive materials around hot oil.

Tip #5 – Keep a Fire Extinguisher Handy.

Hot oil can cause fires that can’t be extinguished with water. Have a class K fire extinguisher nearby and easily accessible. This particular kind of extinguisher is used specifically for grease fires. Make sure your staff knows where it is and how to use it.

Avoid Kitchen Accidents

These tips can lessen accidents in the kitchen involving a deep fryer. Of course, keep your fryer’s operation manual for reference.

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By Leslie Radford
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