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What Ovens Are Practical For Your Restaurant?

There are many types of commercial ovens that have a multitude of different functions, which can make the search for the perfect oven for your restaurant time-consuming. SWRE can help.

Commercial Ovens

Choosing the right oven for your restaurant is important to running a successful restaurant. With all the choices, you might feel overwhelmed. Commercial ovens, unlike residential ovens you find in your home, are more durable and meant to be used multiple times a day. Let’s focus on two main types of commercial ovens: standard ovens and convection ovens.


Standard, or conventional, ovens are the most common and simple type of commercial ovens. They produce heat in the bottom that radiates upwards and can cook almost any recipe you want. These ovens are the least expensive and are easy to repair, but you’ll need to watch the temperature to cook food evenly. These ovens also tend to cook more slowly compared to a convection oven.


Convection ovens are similar to standard ovens, except that they circulate air through fans in the oven. Because of these fans, food is generally cooked faster and more consistently. The circulation of the air prevents cold or hot spots when cooking food. While convection oven cooking is trusted for items that are traditionally baked or roasted, these units can also warm and roast.

Choosing Your New Oven

There are many types of ovens that have a multitude of different functions, which can make the search for the perfect oven time-consuming.  Additionally, you may need a cook-and-hold oven, a rotisserie, or a conveyor oven. Then you have options of fan controls, temperature, and time regulators, and the interiors can be made of aluminized steel, porcelain, or stainless steel. Also knowing the pan sizes, their capacity, and the number of ovens you will need is something you will need to know when choosing a new oven.

By Leslie Radford
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