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Best Tips For Using A Charbroiler

Here are the best cooking and maintenance tips for using a charbroiler in your commercial kitchen

Charbroilers enable commercial kitchens to achieve flavors by using a series of burners or radiants that are evenly spaced under grates. They’re great for getting that outdoor cooking taste into your food just in time for summer. Here are some tips for getting the most out of a charbroiler:

Charbroiler Daily Maintenance Tips

Seasoning your charbroiler periodically and keeping it clean will help maintain the quality of your equipment. Season your charbroiler in the morning preferably, before it is turned on. Using oil, grease the grate thoroughly, wiping off any excess. Heat your charbroiler until the oil begins to smoke. Repeat as necessary to produce a glossy, dark finish on the grate.

Clean your charbroiler throughout the day, ensuring to remove build-up from earlier dishes.

If you have regular downtimes, such as a break between meals, you can shut down channels of the charbroiler to save on energy and wear and tear.

Apply a light coat of oil at the end of the day to help prevent rust.

Charbroiler Cooking Tips

Cook vegetables and proteins directly on the grates to seal in flavor and lightly char foods. This will give the characteristic grill marks while adding a light, smoky flavor.

Keep your charbroiler clean and well-maintained.

Estimate cooking times to be 30% to 50% less than a conventional grill.

Always thaw food thoroughly before cooking to achieve better, more predictable results.

To minimize flare-up, trim fat from meats or remove the skin from poultry.

Allow the grill to heat up for 5 minutes on high before cooking.

Always use long-handled grill tools for grilling. 

Place the food on the charbroiler cooking grids while the grill is on high to sear the food thoroughly. Searing is the key to locking in the juices for that delicious grilled flavor.

After searing for 2-3 minutes per side, lower the temperature to finish cooking the food as desired.

Grill It Up

Everyone longs for a nice grilled dish during the summer. Get your next charbroiler here.

By Leslie Radford
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