Microban 24-Hour Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray

Approved Commercial Kitchen Cleaners: The Best Must-Have Products

Discover top commercial kitchen cleaners designed to ensure your kitchen remains safe and hygienic, preventing cross-contamination.

To stop cross-contamination and the spread of viruses, cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting are crucial in the food service industry. Foodservice chemicals are necessary to maintain a commercial kitchen that is clean and secure for your staff and guests. Select restaurant supplies that are designed to work with specific equipment or surfaces and meet the needs of your commercial kitchen. Here are a few of our favorite commercial kitchen cleaners.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaners

Microban 24-Hour Disinfectant Sanitizing Spray

Commercial Kitchen Cleaners: Smicroban sanitizing spray

This sanitizing spray is great for most surfaces, keeping them sanitized for up to 24 hours, even after multiple touches on hard, non-porous, non-food contact surfaces. It kills 99.9% of germs, including cold and flu viruses, and keeps killing 99.9% of bacteria. You can use it on both hard (like table tops) and soft surfaces (like cloth booths). Not only does it eliminate odors, but it prevents the growth of mold and mildew for 7 days on hard surfaces.

Betco Clear Image Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Commercial Kitchen Cleaners: betco clear image

This concentrated glass cleaner quickly dissolves smudges, fingerprints, bug residues, and other stubborn soils. It cleans and polishes glass without streaking, fogging, or clouding. Formulated without ammonia, this product is pleasant to use and protects against re-soiling. Perfect for cleaning windows and doors, this product cuts through grease and smudges without scrubbing.

Carroll Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Commercial Kitchen Cleaners: carroll multipurpose cleaner

Use this environmentally preferred multi-purpose cleaner daily as a non-alkaline floor cleaner, scrub recoat detergent, window cleaner, restroom cleaner, odor neutralizer, tile and grout cleaner, or carpet care product. It has a low odor and is effective when mixed with cold water.

Betco Citrus Chisel Cleaner/Degreaser

Commercial Kitchen Cleaners: betco citrus degreaser

The superior performance of this cleaner/degreaser is provided by a synergistic mixture of natural citrus solvents and a totally unique surfactant system. This formula is nonflammable, yet it will out-clean most solvent cleaners. It’s a concentrated natural citrus-based solvent for light to heavy-duty cleaning. This product quickly penetrates fats, oils, and grease-based soils that deodorizes as it cleans.

Cleaning Your Commercial Kitchen

More than half of foodborne outbreaks are connected to restaurants, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Therefore, a clean kitchen can aid in limiting the spread of airborne diseases.

Commercial Ice Machine Cleaning Regimen

By Leslie Radford
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