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How to Use Display Cases in Your Restaurant

A great way to make a wonderful impression of your restaurant as soon as the customer steps in the door is by beautifully showcasing certain foods in a display case

Display cases can make a real statement in your restaurant. They allow customers to appreciate the presentation of food offerings and increase the visibility of promotional items.

There are several types of display cases to consider depending on the type of goods you need to store. For example, refrigerated designs help keep food items fresh for day-to-day use or merchandising. Dry goods display cabinets show off non-refrigerated products like merchandise or baked goods.

You have plenty of options for lighting depending on whether these displays are built into your walls, freestanding units, or countertop models. With strategically placed lighting and enticing presentation, customers should be drawn to whatever product you’ve chosen to put in a display case, no matter what style or size it is.

In addition to that, adding shelving and storage solutions can also provide flexibility and adaptability when displaying products and materials within the restaurant. These displays give restaurants the opportunity to showcase items in an aesthetically pleasing way and create a more organized space that’s easily accessible for both customer access and inventory management.

Styles of Display Cases

Display cases can add a touch of sophistication to any commercial space, with their classic design and variety of shapes and sizes allowing customers to view items in a more stylish manner. There are basically three styles of display cases: straight glass, curved glass, and counter height.

Straight glass cases provide the most basic option, usually accepting four to five adjustable shelves and featuring a 12-degree slant in the glass to minimize light reflection. Curved glass offers an elegant twist on the classic shape, drawing interest with its unique silhouette. Finally, counter-height display cases are great for samples or other items traded over a countertop area. If you want to enhance the visibility of your foods, a curved case is a way to go. These cases can usually be more expensive, but do offer a more sophisticated element.

No matter which style of case you choose for your business, it’s sure to make an eye-catching centerpiece that helps enhance customer experience while spotlighting whatever merchandise you want to highlight.

Lighting and Presentation

Purchasing a display case for your food business is an important decision that should not be overlooked. You want your customers to crave your food, which means it has to be presented in a desirable way. A good display case can help to improve the attractiveness of food items and increase sales, so it pays to make sure your selection correctly supports the presentation of your products.

When browsing for a display case, look for quality lighting systems that will emphasize the look and flavor of your food items. Different types of lighting systems can enhance the appearance of certain foods, so think about the types of products you wish to showcase before making a selection. Finding the perfect display case with quality lighting can ensure that customers get their appetite’s worth.

Display cases come in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing you to tailor the look and feel of your establishment. While lighting is important for showcasing items, be sure to also consider the backdrop that will draw attention to the items you are selling. The ideal display case maximizes storage space while incorporating a decorative flourish that sets it apart. You can achieve this by adding ornamental features that reflect the tone of your restaurant. Furthermore, you can “glam up” any display case with decorations such as trays, vases, or additional foods that are not for sale (like whole vegetables or fruits) that elevates its aesthetic appeal without compromising on safety and food quality standards.

Remember that presentation is everything. With an eye-catching display case that reflects your brand properly, customers won’t be able to resist buying the delectable treats you have on offer!

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By Leslie Radford
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