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Crazy for Cutlery

Here are some tips when choosing the right cutlery for your restaurant

You may think that cutlery mainly refers to knives, but it involves all the flatware in your restaurant. Choosing which ones are necessities for your restaurant might be harder than you think. Here are some tips when choosing the right cutlery for your restaurant.



There are so many knives to choose from: Dinner knives, steak knives, fish knives, butter knives, etc. Dinner knives are essential if you’re running a sit-down restaurant. They are used to cut and push food on the plate. Steak knives are really only necessary if you actually serve steak. If you have a specialty restaurant you may not need knives or you need a very specific type of knife.


Again, lots of spoons to choose from: Teaspoons, tablespoons, soup spoons, dessert spoons, and the list goes on. If you serve coffee and tea at your restaurant, and you’re a sit-down place, you should invest in teaspoons because they\’re meant to stir sugar and cream into your coffee and tea. You don’t have to get too fancy though, you can get one type of spoon to cover most food items. Soup spoons may be a specialty item you want to purchase in addition.


There’s a fork for dinner, a salad fork, forks for dessert, and forks for fish! While it seems that a dinner fork will probably be able to cover all those needs, if you’re running a sophisticated establishment, you should at least have a separate fork for salads and dinners.

There are customers that are partial to certain types of cutlery. Decide what’s best for your business budget and your customer. Check out some of our cutlery here.

By Leslie Radford
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